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1966 Datsun 411

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Alameda is a great town for spotting daily-driven old cars- not much rust, lots of weird single-interest obsessos who stick with some obscure car model for decades (and who will knock out all your teeth with a wrench if you diss that model), and a chronic shortage of off-street parking that puts all the vintage iron out where we can admire it. Today I've captured this rare Bluebird on film...


This '66 is a bit rough, but still looks good. The vintage mags really suit the car.


The original Datsun 411 was never very common on these shores, so seeing one that's still rolling every day is quite a treat. The taped headlights are on the lame side, but forgivable.

Yes, it still has the original yellow-on-black California plates.


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