When you think of West Virginia, what comes to mind? Vintage Lancias, of course, and that's exactly what JSmith53 found when he visited Weston, WV.

The Zagato-bodied Lancia Fulvia Sport was a high-strung, V4-powered, front-wheel-drive, aluminum-bodied screamer, similar under the skin to the Alameda DOTS Berlina. Here's what JSmith53 has to say about his find:

Saw this badboy when passing through the little town of Weston, WV. I had never seen one of these before today. Thought I'd share this with the most awesomest car guys I know. In the last picture, you can see it is parked next to a set of tall doors, one of which was open. Inside there was an 80's model Jaguar XJ, and several (10+) cars covered with blankets. I resisted the urge to peek inside. Parked two or three spaces in front of the Lancia was a Series 3 Alfa Spyder in mint condition, and beside that, parked off the street, was an Alfa 164, also in mint condition. I imagine there was a lot of Italian machinery parked inside, covered by the blankets. I apologize for the small number and low quality of these photos, as I was a stranger in a small town and that made me nervous. After I drove off I kicked myself for not taking more photographs. The interior looked as good as the exterior.