Our commenter friend WhatWouldJesseDo lives just a few blocks from me, so I see his stable of Jalopnik-approved machinery on a regular basis. First we saw his '66 Datsun 411, followed by the '61 Mini, and now he's got the 1970 Puma GT you see here.

The Puma has quite a fascinating history; it's a sports car made in Brazil and based on the pan used by the Brazilian VW Karmann Ghia.


The Puma replaced the Malzoni GT, which was built using DKW components, so in a way this car is descended from DKWs. Here's an article about the Puma, and here's one about its place in the evolution of Genaro Malzoni's series of Brazilian bombers. Definitely worth a read.

When I first saw this car parked on the street, I thought it was a 911 with a really strange body kit. Upon closer examination, I figured it was some kind of VW-based kit car... but the quality seemed way too high for a crappy 70s kit, and the interior didn't resemble VW stuff in any way.


The fiberglass is a bit rough in spots, but it's in pretty decent shape for an orphaned 37-year-old Brazilian car.


Given the vast array of go-fast parts available for the VW air-cooled engine, this car could be made into something that could give a 911 a real run for its money... in fact, since I have no idea what hardware lurks under that engine cover, it's possible that it's already fast as hell. Hmmm... definitely room for turbocharger plumbing in there...

So keep up the good work, WhatWouldJesseDo, and I'll see you at the Park Street car show next month.