How Elio Motors Wants To Redefine Three-Wheelers, Starting With The Law

For as long as they've existed in the vehicular landscape, three-wheelers have occupied a sort of nebulous space between motorcycles and cars, and not just because of their wheel count. They're usually legally classified as with motorcycles, which has meant a few headaches for Elio Motors, the startup automaker that… »3/27/15 12:06pm3/27/15 12:06pm

Elio Releases 'Definitive' 2016 Model At CES 2015

Elio has released their "definitive" 2016 model at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, even though the electric-looking three-wheeler is gasoline powered. Our very own Tavarish spoke to Elio's CEO a few days ago and The Verge's Sam Scheffer took the fourth version of the vehicle out onto the strip for some… »1/10/15 11:10am1/10/15 11:10am