Build Your Own Elio Motors Three Wheeler To Kill Time Waiting For The Real One

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We don’t really know when, or even if, anyone can actually buy a car made by Elio Motors. However, you can configure your futuristic transport machine on a program that looks to have been developed sometime around 1998.

If it ever comes out, the Elio would be a very Jalop friendly car. It is lightweight, bare-bones, affordable, and will be available with a manual transmission! You can also get it in brown. If you want to see all the options, build your Elio at the configurator right here.

For those of you that fancy yourselves to be racecar drivers, “carbon fiber” interior trim is also available.


So is a thing called Infinite Skyz, disappointingly it is not a sunroof, but rather an infotainment unit that promises things like “internet access,” navigation, and remote vehicle monitoring.

How would you build yours?