Jeremy Clarkson, BBC Sued By Clarkson Punch-Receiver For Racial Discrimination

Long-time readers and/or just regular people may remember that BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was fired after punching his own producer, Oisin Tymon, in the face. Now Tymon is suing both Clarkson and the BBC for racial discrimination, thanks to the tirade that accompanied the punch. »11/13/15 12:58pm11/13/15 12:58pm


Argentina Re-Opens Top Gear Case, Wants Clarkson To Serve Up To Three Years

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a television show called Top Gear. And on this show, Top Gear, some people in Argentina got pissed off over some stupid license plate. We all thought this whole thing was over by now, but an Argentinian judge wants to put former host Jeremy Clarkson in jail for up to three… »10/30/15 10:51am10/30/15 10:51am

Jodie Kidd Turned Down Top Gear Because It Would've Been 'All-Consuming'

Jodie Kidd is a TV presenter, race car driver and model who is also generally considered to be a very lovely person. Everything one would need, then, to be a new Top Gear presenter after the previous incarnation imploded. But in a new interview with the Telegraph, she says there were “conversations,” but she was the… »8/24/15 9:55am8/24/15 9:55am

Clarkson, Hammond, And May's New Show Is At Least A Year Out

Ever since Top Gear as we knew it went off the air, everyone wanted to know where we’d see Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond end up next. Ever since we heard they’d be going to Amazon, we wanted to know when. Executive Producer Andy Wilman just dropped the news, and it’s a ways off. We’re talking Autumn… »7/31/15 4:49pm7/31/15 4:49pm

Rumor: F1's Jenson Button May Become The Most Dapper Man On Top Gear

Fair warning: this rumor comes via The Daily Mail, which is about as reliable a source as that guy at the music festival who did too much and needs a moment alone with the voices—particularly on all matters Top Gear. Behold: those voices say we might get Jenson Button as a Top Gear host! »7/30/15 2:37pm7/30/15 2:37pm