James May's 'I Quit Top Gear' Tweet Is Fake, Everyone

After it was announced that the BBC would not be renewing Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson’s contract, co-host James May announced that his next step would require “a lot of careful thought.” That’s so far pretty much all he’s said. But a lot of people have been suckered in by this imposter Twitter account. » 3/25/15 5:47pm Wednesday 5:47pm

How Top Gear Made Us All Care About Cars

The third biggest loser in this sad saga of Top Gear is the wider car media, and the business that surrounds it. Of course the first is the vast fan base that has followed the show for many years. The second, assuming the brand struggles to survive, is the team who work on it - and I can’t imagine how they feel right… » 3/25/15 4:47pm Wednesday 4:47pm

Jeremy Clarkson Officially Fired From Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson has officially been fired as the host of Top Gear following a fight with a producer of the show, Oisin Tymon. BBC Director General Tony Hall confirmed the sacking in a statement, saying that the decision “was not taken lightly,” and that the BBC is looking to renew Top Gear in 2016.
» 3/25/15 10:04am Wednesday 10:04am

Piers Morgan Sticks Up For Jeremy Clarkson In Classy Column (Seriously)

I bet that’s a sentence you never thought you’d read anywhere, right? Let me assure that you did not, in fact, wake up in Bizarro World this morning, or that if you did then I’m right there with you. Amid Jeremy Clarkson’s FacePunchFracasGate scandal, the embattled Top Gear host has an unlikely defender in the form of… » 3/23/15 12:20pm Monday 12:20pm

Now You Can Play Hungry, Hungry Clarksons

You may recall that Top Gear's current scandal has to do with Jeremy Clarkson's intense hunger. One might say he's hungry hungry. Not unlike certain hippos I've encountered. Thankfully, people have recognized this synergy and produced a kit to adapt your Hungry Hungry Hippos game to Hungry Hungry Clarksons. Finally! » 3/19/15 9:50pm 3/19/15 9:50pm

Report: May And Hammond Refused To Film Top Gear Without Clarkson

If you've been living in your underground bunker for the last week, you may not have heard that Top Gear has been suspended due to a 'fracas' involving Jeremy Clarkson, a producer, and dinner. A report now says that the BBC offered to have James May and Richard Hammond finish the season without Clarkson, but the pair… » 3/19/15 12:14pm 3/19/15 12:14pm

Jeremy Clarkson's 'I Quit Top Gear' Column Is From 1999, Everyone. 1999.

See that guy? That's 1999 Jeremy Clarkson, and he's very disappointed. He's disappointed because people keep reading something he wrote back then and mistaking it for news that future him is leaving Top Gear now, in 2015. That makes him a sad Clarkson, and so he has to go console himself by listening to Smash Mouth or… » 3/16/15 11:43am 3/16/15 11:43am

Jeremy Clarkson Hints At The Death Of Top Gear With Dinosaur Metaphors

Though the BBC has yet to officially give their ruling about anything, and all that's been said is the vaguest of dinosaur-related metaphors, a Sun column written by Jeremy Clarkson is sparking a vast amount of speculation that he's leaving the show, and Top Gear itself may be gone. Is it true? Maybe, but it barely… » 3/15/15 1:13am 3/15/15 1:13am

Don't Be Like Clarkson: Hunger-Punching Tips For Car Show Hosts

The recent mess that Jeremy Clarkson has gotten himself into because he allegedly punched a producer who didn't have his dinner ready should be a warning to all auto show hosts out there. I know sometimes you just want to punch that hunger away, but you've got to be smart about it. I'm here to help you. » 3/13/15 3:10pm 3/13/15 3:10pm

Have You Ever Worked With Jeremy Clarkson? Tell Us Your Experiences

There are few more controversial people in the automotive world than Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson. Yesterday, Clarkson was suspended from Top Gear by the BBC for allegedly throwing a punch at a producer, reportedly because dinner was late. But is this sort of behavior regular? Or does this sound like a fabrication? » 3/11/15 10:13am 3/11/15 10:13am

Victim Of Wild Jeremy Clarkson Attack May Have Been Identified

According to the admittedly not 100% reliable source the Mirror, the Top Gear producer who was attacked by a wild Jeremy Clarkson is 36 year old Oisin Tymon. Tymon has been an assistant producer on Top Gear since 2008, and the recent incident of talent-on-producer violence was caused by a late dinner. Really,… » 3/10/15 11:43pm 3/10/15 11:43pm