Watch a Russian BMW Club Cruise Go Very Wrong

Surely there is some scenario more ripe for automotive disaster than a group of BMW drivers filming themselves driving on Russian Roads, but we're having a hard time dreaming it up at the moment. » 6/02/12 2:00pm 6/02/12 2:00pm

For $15,000, Don’t Tell The Wife

The seller of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe M5 doesn't seem too eager to sell his emerald E34, and the litany of features/upgrades and mods could make you green with envy. But is its price just too much green? » 3/23/12 8:00am 3/23/12 8:00am

For $6,500, Bimmer Bimmer, Chicken Dinner

Cracker Jack is a tasty treat that comes with a toy surprise inside the box. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe BMW E34 looks pretty tasty, and the surprise 6-speed inside makes it ready to play. Will its price however, make you think the seller is just toying with you? » 2/10/12 8:00am 2/10/12 8:00am

Oppo In The Sky With Bimmers

It looks too old to be photoshopped and too scuzzy to be a render. So what is it? Well, it's an E34 getting a dab of oppo after some huge air. Anyone have post-jump/crash photos? [via Banovsky] » 12/20/10 12:30pm 12/20/10 12:30pm

Be a Ninja Star with a $10,000 1991 BMW M5!

The E34 M5 is a Q-ship, with basically only badging, valances and wheels to separate it visually from its less-M siblings. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has found a clean '91 that's still running under the radar. » 12/07/09 7:30am 12/07/09 7:30am

Have You Ever Stayed In A Relationship Because Of A Car?

Even when it's not, it is still somehow BMW Week. The Postfather has deemed this weekend's question "brilliant," and I as his loyal, sniveling lackey concur. From the Jalopnik commenter who calls himself TeacherSnake: » 9/29/07 1:30pm 9/29/07 1:30pm

While we've never done that...

M5 Follow Up: E28 vs E34 vs E60

We knew it going in: expecting any other M5 to compete against the BMW E39 M5 is like asking the Chicago Bears to cover a 12-point spread. No way in hell. But, you know, democracy and all that. Still, many of you expressed quite passionate opinions about the other big M cars. So we figured why not have a runoff for… » 9/27/07 10:45am 9/27/07 10:45am

M5 Vs M5 Vs M5 Vs M5

Last week saw the induction of the Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL 6.9 into our rapidly filling Fantasy Garage. While the detractors were loud and squawking, just over 83% of you saw the beauty of a bored-out German bullet train. However, Jalopnik is never one to let the tyranny of the majority drum out the feelings and… » 9/26/07 12:00pm 9/26/07 12:00pm