Chris Bangle: Hero Or Villain?

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Somehow Strike Week morphed into BMW Week here on Ye Olde Jalop. Fine by us. Driving down the 101, 110 and 10 Freeways yesterday we saw a Bentley Continental GT, a Ferrari F430, A Ferrari 550, a Gallardo and no fewer than 17 BMW 745/750s. I'm telling you, in certain Los Angeles zip codes there are more big-butt Bangled Bimmers than Camrys. And why not? If you've got it, flaunt the hell out of it. And yeah, I realize I am in the minority, but me still thinks the 7-Series is a seriously hot tamale. That said, I find the 5-Series goofy looking, the 6 half-baked, the Z4 like a nurse shark and the 3 eye-damaging. Though I do find the Mille Miglia Concept to be the bee's knees. But, as always, what do you think?




He's the most influential car designer of this century. Californians with stupid Steve Jobs beards should not design German cars. Don't forget his little protege, Adrian van Hooydonk. These 2 assclowns have ruined car design for at least 20-30 years. Ugh.