Surely there is some scenario more ripe for automotive disaster than a group of BMW drivers filming themselves driving on Russian Roads, but we're having a hard time dreaming it up at the moment.

As you can see, a Moscow BMW club cruise last weekend ended poorly when two drivers tried to pass the camera car at high speed simultaneously. According to a rough translation from an eyewitness the mustard colored E46 skidded across traffic and into a Subaru Forester after the collision seen here.

Three people reported non-serious injuries at the scene of the accident. While several other vehicles were damaged, it appears from the looks of these pictures posted on the E46 and the Subaru Forester will both be written off as casualties of the cruise gone wrong.

We'd say it will be a little while until anyone involved in or witnessing this crash will return to making Russian roads an even more terrifying place to drive.

Hat tip to Baber K. Khan!
[via autoevolution]