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Even when it's not, it is still somehow BMW Week. The Postfather has deemed this weekend's question "brilliant," and I as his loyal, sniveling lackey concur. From the Jalopnik commenter who calls himself TeacherSnake:

Earlier this week, my recently X girlfriend came by my apartment for the awkward post relationship stuff exchange. And she was driving a 1973 Cherry Red BMW 2002, that her parents had bought for her just after the breakup. Talk about a way to get your mind off your troubles. As the little Bimmer drove away, I couldn't help but quote a magician named Gob and say, "I've made a huge mistake." So my question is, have you ever stayed in a relationship because of a car?


While we've never done that...

...I do remember quite fondly that my college girlfriend's best friend had a Honda Del Sol and whenever the three of us went anywhere, my girl had to sit on my lap. Was that part of the reason we were together for over 5 years? It didn't hurt. Much more memorable was a beautiful young lady I may or may not have met at the tail end of a binge of some sort. Ahem. Her mother — who was firgging loaded — felt that her little girl ought to have a safe, reliable car. So, she bought her an E34 540. And while this beautiful woman was easier on the eyes than most, I'm pretty sure I only put up with her endless drivel about astrology and auras because of the E34's throttle response. You?


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