I Sold Chryslers During the Auto Industry Crisis of 2008-2010

Here's a story for you- what it was like working in sales for a Chrysler dealer during the automotive industry crisis. But first, a little background. » 11/18/14 9:37am 11/18/14 9:37am

It Must Be Tough To Defend Cash For Clunkers For A Living

It's been more than four years since the sorry ploy to boost the economy that was called Cash For Clunkers was released onto the American public and the used car market, and the case for it has yet to improve. Doesn't it just seem to cost more and more every day? » 11/01/13 5:00pm 11/01/13 5:00pm

Taxpayers Spent $1.4 Million For Every Cash For Clunkers Job Created

Say, remember a few years ago when the government was giving people money to ditch their old car in exchange for something shiny and new? It saved the American car industry and fixed the environment, right? According to new report by the Brookings Institution think tank in D.C., the answer is "kinda, but not really." » 11/01/13 1:40pm 11/01/13 1:40pm

Surprise! 'Cash For Clunkers' Was Really Bad For The Environment

Remember "Cash for Clunkers," that program implemented in 2009 where the federal government was giving people money to buy shiny, fuel-efficient new cars if they traded in their old gas-guzzling clunkers? It was supposed to be a win-win situation for both the environment and America's struggling economy. » 1/06/13 1:00pm 1/06/13 1:00pm

The Baseball Stadium Turned Clunker Graveyard

Bush Stadium in downtown Indianapolis was built in 1931 as a field for Negro and minor-league baseball teams. Today, it's a historical relic holding hundreds of rusting vehicles traded under "cash for clunkers," a spooky memorial to waste. » 12/14/10 9:00am 12/14/10 9:00am

"So I Poured More Gas In My Engine Bay"

Welcome back to Garage of Horror, where we share your worst wheeled experiences. Today's installment asks the classic question: Is this damn car trying to kill me? Or am I trying to get myself killed? » 9/01/10 4:00pm 9/01/10 4:00pm

British Clunkers Clog Runway Awaiting Crusher

14,000 cars sit on a disused UK airstrip — a tiny part of the massive backlog of vehicles destined for the scrap heap thanks to the popularity of the Government's scrappage scheme ending last week. [DailyMail] » 4/05/10 3:30pm 4/05/10 3:30pm

Shake Your Fist At The Heartless Car Gods: Clunkerized Roadmaster Wagon!

While I'm not a fan of Cash For Clunkers, I must admit I shed zero tears over all those Explorers going to well-deserved early graves. Fact is, 98% of Explorer drivers would have been better off with big Detroit wagons! » 2/14/10 11:00am 2/14/10 11:00am

Morons Clunkerize Rare GMC Syclone Super Truck

We like the turbocharged GMC Syclone pickup so much that we helped you put it in a video game. We were also saddened to discover one that Syclone became a Cash For Clunkers victim. Save the Syclones! Update! » 2/02/10 1:20pm 2/02/10 1:20pm

Exclusive Jalopnik Audit Of Clunked Exotics Finds Initial News Reports…

Our exclusive audit of government documents reveals many of the sensational news stories of exotic vehicles crushed under the Cash for Clunkers law were completely false. Our full exclusive report below. » 1/22/10 9:00am 1/22/10 9:00am

More Cars Junked Than Sold For First Time Since WWII

According to a report by the Earth Policy Institute, roughly 14 million cars in the US were scrapped during 2009, while only 10 million were sold. Why? It wasn't Cash for Clunkers. » 1/07/10 12:30pm 1/07/10 12:30pm

Infographic Proves Cash For Clunkers Great For Japanese

The Cash For Clunkers program saw a lot of Ford Explorers crushed and a few exotics destroyed, but the biggest accomplishment? Selling Japanese cars. » 1/07/10 10:00am 1/07/10 10:00am

Alfa Romeo 164 Survives Alfa's Departure From America, Can't Survive…

You've seen the clunked Benzes, the clunked Japanese luxury machines, and the general clunkicide, but these chilling sights may not have prepared you for this: Clunkerized Alfa Romeos! » 1/02/10 5:00pm 1/02/10 5:00pm

Daily Show: Cash For Clunkers Killing "$14 Billion" Demolition Derby…

The Daily Show took on Cash For Clunkers last night for hurting the "$14 billion" demolition derby industry. Their chart's striking in that Americans are eating more beets we thought corn-dogs were a larger part of the economic pie. » 11/12/09 10:20am 11/12/09 10:20am

Cash For Clunkers Vehicles Still Crowding Junkyards

When you see clean, late-model Toyota pickups in the self-service junkyard and nobody cares, you know you're experiencing Clunker Overload. » 10/24/09 6:00pm 10/24/09 6:00pm

Clunkerized Mercedes-Benzes Clog Up Junkyards, Ghost Of Karl Benz To…

You'd think that a car that cost as much as a new Mercedes-Benz W126- for example, $61,000 for a 1989 420SEL ($106K in 2009 bucks)- would be safe from the Clunkpocalypse. Think again! » 10/10/09 1:00pm 10/10/09 1:00pm

The Full List Of Every Cash For Clunkers Trade-In

No "old-school" media outlet bothered providing readers the full list of every car traded-in under the Cash For Clunkers program because it might be too unwieldy. We know Jalopnik readers demand more. Below, the list of all 690,114 trade-ins. » 9/29/09 12:15pm 9/29/09 12:15pm