Shake Your Fist At The Heartless Car Gods: Clunkerized Roadmaster Wagon!

While I'm not a fan of Cash For Clunkers, I must admit I shed zero tears over all those Explorers going to well-deserved early graves. Fact is, 98% of Explorer drivers would have been better off with big Detroit wagons!

Yes, the 90s Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon is one of the greatest motor vehicles ever made, and suburbanites who bought pleather-and-cupholder-laden trucks instead of Roadmasters demonstrate the (short-lived) power of advertising. This wagon was in very nice shape and running fine… until its conservative-talk-radio-listening, Bush-voting former owner decided to sell out his or her principles and belly up to the trough for some of that free government socialist money. Goodbye, faithful old Buick! Hello, suppression of the kulaks!


I tell you, this sight breaks my heart. A perfectly good LT1 (i.e., one not powering a Suburban whose tires will never leave asphalt) destroyed.

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