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The Baseball Stadium Turned Clunker Graveyard

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bush Stadium in downtown Indianapolis was built in 1931 as a field for Negro and minor-league baseball teams. Today, it's a historical relic holding hundreds of rusting vehicles traded under "cash for clunkers," a spooky memorial to waste.


If you're a fan of baseball movies, you've seen Bush Stadium; it stood in for Comiskey Park in the movie Eight Men Out. In its heyday, it resembled a minature Wrigley Field, with ivy-covered outfield walls and an Art Deco stone entry. Vacated in 1996, the city of Indianapolis let the structure rot, and rented its field for junkyards to park vehicles trashed in 2009 during cash for clunkers. More recent photos show the herd of thrashed vehicles has been thinned, but hundreds remain more than a year later, caught in a slow-motion race of decay from the elements.


Preservationists in Indianapolis have been trying for years to find some way of saving Bush Stadium, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. But despite several proposals, some as recently as October, it still appears likely that the stadium will go the way of the vehicles on its infield, scrapped before they had been used to their fullest. (H/t to Jeremy!)

Photos: Indiana Historical Landmark Foundation via Twitter