Tuner Ute: Carlsson's Take on the Mercedes GL500

It's far more domesticated than its G-Wagen sibling, but the Mercedes GL500 full-sizer is nonetheless tuneworthy. German shop Carlsson is the latest to do a workup on the largest of Merc's utes, holding to the tenets of libert , egalit and fraternit speed, power and luxury. The first is accomplished by way of… » 10/10/06 11:38am 10/10/06 11:38am

New Mercedes S-Class Tuner from Carlsson to Debut at Essen

Those aftermarket technologists from way down by the River Saar, Carlsson, will unveil their newest Mercedes tuning job, the CK50, based on the 2006 S-Class, at the Essen motor show next month. On the performance side, the relatively mild engine kit boosts horsepower of the stock 5.5-liter V8 to 429 US (435 metric)… » 11/10/05 3:34pm 11/10/05 3:34pm