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With the M-Class weighing more tham a sack full of osmium (yes, we do Periodic Table humor), German tuning haus, Carlsson had to go crazy with its traditional, highly engineered system of superchargers and intercoolers get it to get up and get gone. The system adds enough extra juice to propel the 2.1-ton SUV to 60mph in around 5.5 seconds, through an amassed 430 horses. Extras include an exhaust kit, featuring a toothy bank of stainless-steel tailpipes, major suspension technology tweaks โ€” including a an electronic lowering system that responds to speed and road conditions โ€” and tasteful cosmetics, including body panels and five-spoke, 20" guns. Carlsson calls its CM50 K "a mass of class," which probably won't win any Cannes media awards for ad copywriting. Nonetheless, it seems accurate enough.

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