Tuner Ute: Carlsson's Take on the Mercedes GL500

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It's far more domesticated than its G-Wagen sibling, but the Mercedes GL500 full-sizer is nonetheless tuneworthy. German shop Carlsson is the latest to do a workup on the largest of Merc's utes, holding to the tenets of libert , egalit and fraternit speed, power and luxury. The first is accomplished by way of Carlsson's CK50 engine kit, which allows the bus a zero-to-62 time that just crests six seconds (6.1). Power gets a bump to 435 hp (from 388) at 6000 rpm, and 443 lbs-ft of torque at 2800-4800 rpm. Carlsson says the top speed is 154 mph. All that mainly comes from remapping of electronics and fitting of a stainless-steel quad-exhaust system. It also gets a suspension lowering kit that drops the GL by 35 mm, custom alloys designed in-house and an interior makeover of fine, non-Corinthian hides. Ach. [Gallery]

Carlsson Tunes the ML500 [internal]


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