Carlsson Tunes the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Diesel

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It wasn't long ago that the concept of a high-performance diesel seemed as unlikely as a plate of braised cow intestines at Le Cirque. But just as the Florentine's passion for tripe broached high-end dining, so too has the European diesel boom bred diesels, recast by Germany's best tuning shops, that are nearly left-lane worthy.

It may not be in the performance realm of the world's hottest metal, but Carlsson's new tuning package for the Mercedes B-Class CDI turbodiesel makes the minivan ever so slightly more palatable for moms who prefer kart racing to pilates. Carlsson's monkeying pulls out an extra 28 hp from the diesel-powered B-Class, at 168 bhp total, with 266 ft/lbs of torque. Zero-to-62 (100km/h) occurs in a relatively spry 8.6 seconds (down from 9.6 stock). Need we note, a custom suspension kit keeps juice boxes from arcing throughout the interior during hard cornering, like sticky, pink ordinance.


[As always, Dubspeed gets props for speed.]

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