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If Mercedes builds it, somehow it'll get tuned (even if it's a minivan created for upscale senior-citizens). But we kid the R-Class, or the Carlsson CM50 K tuner version that'll either scare the pants off grandma and gramps, or โ€” if they've had their Geritol โ€” cut the ETA of their annual Long-Island-to-Florida run in half. An engine kit that includes a supercharger brings an uptick in horsepower from 302 to 430 and torque from 339 to 479 ft-lbs. Carlsson's C-Tronic supplementary control unit lowers the stock suspension by an angry inch. Buyers can choose footwear up to 23", including a one-piece 11-spoke set that will debut at the Essen motor show next month. Check out more details and photos at eMercedesBenz.

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