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Driving a Mighty Mercedes: GCF on the Carlsson CK55

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This image was lost some time after publication.

What's it like to rock a Carlsson-tuned Mercedes CLS 55 AMG on the unrestricted autobahn, legally nudging aside police bikes at (140mph) with a polite flick of the blinker? Nick Hall, writing for German Car Fans has some idea:

This car is just stretching its legs at the old car s artificially induced 155mph top end and will now scorch all the way to 200mph without trouble, barging police out the way at every opportunity. The figures belong to a top end Ferrari or Lamborghini, which is a truly monumental achievement for a 1920kg car with sofas instead of seats and the quiet, regal air of a gentleman s club.


He had us at "High."

GCF Test Drive: Carlsson CK55 [German Car Fans]

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