Hang-Gliding German Swingers Prefer The Ford Capri!

When you're jumping off a cliff while strapped in your German-flag-colored hang glider and clad in the finest of polyester duds, you don't want your special lady to pick you up in some jive-ass tape-striped Opel. »9/23/08 11:00am9/23/08 11:00am You want her to roar down the mountain in a high-performance Ford Capri! Thanks once again to for the tip.

1976 Capri II Wants You To Know It's Not A Mercury, Even As It Awaits Crushing

While Lincoln-Mercury dealers sold the European-made Ford Capri in North America, the cars themselves had no marque. Just to make things more confusing, Ford branded the later Fox Mustang-clone and Mazda 323-based Capris with Mercury emblems. Anyway, none of that matters for this car, which I spotted in an East Bay… »8/08/08 2:00pm8/08/08 2:00pm

Drive Phoenix To LA Very Slowly In a 1974 Mercury, Get Crap Mileage!

How is it possible that a car weighing just over 2,200 pounds and equipped with a 2-liter engine can drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles at the maddeningly geriatric speed of 50 miles per hour and manage only a pathetic 32.4 miles per gallon? Yes, that's the best the '74 Capri could do! We're thinking it was the weight… »4/16/08 9:20am4/16/08 9:20am