LeMons Legends: Some of Our Favorite 24 Hours of LeMons Cars From 2009

There's been a lot of talk at LeMons HQ about organizing a LeMons Hall Of Fame, but nobody agrees on the half-dozen or so cars that deserve first-round acceptance. Let's look at 41 LeMons Legends from the '09 season instead! » 12/19/09 6:00pm 12/19/09 6:00pm

Shabbat Shalom, M*****F****R: Team T-Shirts Of The 24 Hours Of LeMons!

Since our last LeMons team T-shirt post my shirt collection has nearly doubled; not only do I get them as bribes from teams, but Chief Perp Lamm has kindly dumped given his collection on to me. » 11/14/09 11:00am 11/14/09 11:00am

The 2009 Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours Of LeMons Über Gallery

Here we go again, another LeMons Über Gallery! We've got over 2,000 photos of the action from the Buttonwillow Histrionics. » 8/29/09 4:30pm 8/29/09 4:30pm

Luxury Upgrades And Nasal Drilling: The Punishments Of The Buttonwillow…

The LeMons Supreme Court, in its ongoing attempt to keep the gears of justice oiled with the blood of racing miscreants, created some brutally effective new penalties for the Buttonwillow race last weekend. » 8/23/09 8:00am 8/23/09 8:00am

The Top 95 Lemons Of The Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours Of LeMons

With the oldest car yet, cross-dressing maids, and a crash-and-roll finale, the Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours Of LeMons was a rod-throwin' success! Let's take a look at how all 95 citrusy racers fared. » 8/20/09 5:30pm 8/20/09 5:30pm

Race-Leading Integra Flips On Final Lap Of Buttonwillow LeMons

The last few minutes of the Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours Of LeMons provided an epic battle between the Krider Racing Acura and the V8olvo. Until, on one of the last turns before the checkered, disaster! » 8/18/09 8:30am 8/18/09 8:30am

And The REAL Buttonwillow Histrionics Winner Is... The Mr Bean Austin…

There wasn't much question that the Index Of Effluency trophy (which goes to the team that totally overachieves, given their questionable choice of car) would go to one of the two 1960s British cars. » 8/16/09 11:45pm 8/16/09 11:45pm

And The Winner Is... Mustard Yellow Volvo Doing 45 In The Fast Lane!

I'm too busy helping to break down the Traveling LeMons Circus tents to write much detail here, so just the bare-bones facts: » 8/16/09 6:20pm 8/16/09 6:20pm

And The People's Curse Is... The Black Iron Racing BMW 540!

Black Iron Racing, winners of the Altamont '07 race, went with their standard LeMons formula for Buttonwillow: BMW 5 Series minus all the bodywork equals win! Unfortunately for them, they didn't modify their driving technique. » 8/16/09 2:45pm 8/16/09 2:45pm

Guibo Failure Sidelines Mad Science's 6 Series, But Not For Long!

As proof that this site serves as a corrupting influence on our readers, PCH Poster Child Mad_Science read our LeMons coverage and became convinced that building a LeMons car would be a good idea. » 8/16/09 5:00am 8/16/09 5:00am

First Day Of Buttonwillow Histrionics Done, Hondas Dominating!

What a day of racing! No car held the lead for more than a couple of hours, and at one point the top eight cars were clustered within a two-lap span. » 8/16/09 4:00am 8/16/09 4:00am