The 24 Hours of LeMons Winner: Black Iron Racing's BMW

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After all these posts on the cars of the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Altamont last weekend, we've overlooked a very important one: the winner! We know it's a BMW, we hear it's an '85, it looks sort of like a 5-Series-amino, and it blew away some very good drivers in some very quick cars to take the checkered flag. Good job, Black Iron Racing... and get ready to face the mighty Jalopnik Aztek at the next race! You can get a beater Aztek for under $500 now, right? Jump like an MR2 getting bounced off the wall by a '75 Buick to see photos and a bit of video of the glorious LeMons winners...

I didn't shoot much video of the racing, so you'll have to settle for a loop of the one action shot of Black Iron Racing's car I was able to get. BIR, if you're reading this- send us in-car video!

Here's the Black Iron team coming to greet their last driver in their victorious car.