What a day of racing! No car held the lead for more than a couple of hours, and at one point the top eight cars were clustered within a two-lap span.

Many cars blew up, melted down, or otherwise got knocked out of action, the Penalty Box was jumping most of the time, and members of the contending teams spent the entire day biting their nails and dreading the brief hiccup that would knock them out of the Buttonwillow Top Ten. At this moment, the teams are either kicking back with beer and barbecue or frantically wrenching their machines into shape, and everyone at the track is contemplating this list of the Elite Lemons Of LeMons. Tomorrow night we might see ten different cars on this list, but tonight the glory is theirs to enjoy!

1. Big Sausage Pizza, Acura Integra

2. Blanco Basura Racing, Honda Prelude


3. Mustard Yellow Volvo Doing 45 In The Fast Lane, Volvo 244

4. Go Go Speed Racer, Honda Prelude


5. Formula BMW 325e

6. Spearmint Dyno, Honda CRX


7. Eyesore Racing, Mazda Miata

8. Porcubimmer 3, Rise Of The Pricks, BMW 325e


9. B-Team, BMW 325e

10. Los Cerdos Voladores, Plymouth Neon