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Guibo Failure Sidelines Mad Science's 6 Series, But Not For Long!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As proof that this site serves as a corrupting influence on our readers, PCH Poster Child Mad_Science read our LeMons coverage and became convinced that building a LeMons car would be a good idea.


Such is the path that leads straight to 24 Hours Of LeMons Hell, and Mad_Science decided to skip the commonplace Supras and Mustangs and dive right into the world of BMW E24 race car ownership.


What's the weak link on a LeMons BMW? Aside from the electrical system, that is? That's right, the driveshaft guibo! BMW used these rubber-und-steel insulators between the transmission and driveshaft, in order to add needless complexity and provide a good living for BMW mechanics dampen excessive drivetrain harshness, and old ones tend to disintegrate after a few hours of race track punishment. Such was the case with the Team Unknown Fluids (get it? 633CSI?) BMW, and they accidentally left their spare guibos in Los Angeles, 100 miles to the south. Fortunately, another team had an extra guibo, and all was soon well.

That is, all was well until an axle shaft came into contact with the pressurized fuel line, causing a rapidly escalating fuel leak and another stint up on jackstands. It's all fixed now, however, and we look forward to seeing Team Unknown Fluids take to the track tomorrow and start moving up the ranks from its current 71st-place spot.