Because It's All About The Safety: The Volvo 244 Quadra-Bumper!

OK, fine, we know the official rules »9/29/08 4:20pm9/29/08 4:20pm state that "added structural elements which extend past the original bodywork line" aren't allowed in the 24 Hours Of LeMons, but how could be against this kind of Actually, that display is the result of a game of Volvo 240 Musical Chairs, in which you take one , the obtained to…

Before They Called Them Rat Rods: Hellhammer's Caddy-Powered Model T

When we brought a car with a crazy engine/transmission swap and some wild junkyard suspension mods to the 24 Hours of LeMons race, some folks thought it wouldn't last a dozen laps... but we knew better. You see, we've got the mighty Hellhammer, aka Junkyard Dave Schaible, as crew chief, and this guy can build anything »5/30/08 1:20pm5/30/08 1:20pm

When You Go From 44th To 15th Place In Six Hours, You Get A Few Dings

When racing started at Altamont on Sunday, we knew we had some catching up to do; thanks to overestimation of fuel consumption, some pit slowness, and a penalty incurred by yours truly (more on that later), we started the day in 44th place out of 90 cars. We had the power, we had the skilled drivers, and we had a… »5/13/08 2:00pm5/13/08 2:00pm

Yes, Those Were Vacuum-Operated Skulls On The Black Metal V8olvo's Roof

With all the excitement of the race, I totally forgot to post photos of what the Black Metal V8olvo actually looked like by the time we had it all painted and bedecaled. Thing is, we didn't have time to apply the decals until we actually got the car to the racetrack. First of all, some commenters have wondered about… »5/12/08 2:00pm5/12/08 2:00pm

Black Metal V8olvo Moving Up Through Ranks, But Taking A Beating

So we put in the Loverman followed by Viergangfuchs this morning and started knocking off some quick laps, passing like crazy and moving up to the 20s in the standings; Mr. Baruth has our best lap time, with 51 seconds. Now the Evil Genius is driving, and he's also fast as hell. However, the level of competition is… »5/11/08 5:15pm5/11/08 5:15pm

24 Hours of LeMons Early Birds Get Set Up At Altamont

Teams competing in the 24 Hours of LeMons race can check in and get their cars past the tech inspection judges on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Teams showing up on Friday get first shot at the good pit spaces, and Team Black Metal V8olvo decided to claim some real estate today. Tech inspection went smoothly… »5/09/08 10:00pm5/09/08 10:00pm

Black Metal V8olvo Now Equipped With Rebel Swedish Flag Roof

When your V8-powered Volvo race car already has a 5-speed, Fiero wing, and hood scoop, what more do you need? That's right, a great big Swedish Rebel Flag on the roof! We had this planned for quite a while (though several commenters read our minds and suggested the idea), and we finally made it happen last weekend.… »5/05/08 6:20pm5/05/08 6:20pm