If Ikea Sold Race Cars...

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In all the excitement of the Scuderia Flatpack V8olvo getting on its roof at Thunderhill we forgot all about their incredible new team logo!

Just picture it: you head into the friendly blue-and-yellow warehouse store, shopping for a race car. Do you go for the Röttrï RX-7, or maybe the Chëëtüß E30? No, you want the Ford V8 in an intensely Swedish Volvo 240! Grab the flat-pack of the Swäpt V8olvo and put it on your heavy-duty shopping cart! I'll be wearing my Swäpt T-shirt with great pride.

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Ikea doesn't make cars because it's hard to mount them to the wall to prevent pieces of them from falling on your while it falls apart.

The shirt is cool though.