When You Go From 44th To 15th Place In Six Hours, You Get A Few Dings

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When racing started at Altamont on Sunday, we knew we had some catching up to do; thanks to overestimation of fuel consumption, some pit slowness, and a penalty incurred by yours truly (more on that later), we started the day in 44th place out of 90 cars. We had the power, we had the skilled drivers, and we had a block of Swedish steel that could shrug off hits from the biggest opponents. And, speaking of the biggest opponents, a certain bullying orange Plymouth fared quite badly in a series of paint-trading incidents with our own WhatWouldJesseDo; see that orange paint on the tire in the image above?


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@danio3834: Authentic? Yeah Mate, fair dinkum, all the way, no worries, done like a dogs dinner, get a roo up ya, sittin on the dunny authentic... Actually I'm probably the most American Aussie in Sydney (apart from an authentic American).

We are more agreeable because if you get one of our Commonwealth cousins and add an equal part of good ol' US of A and you'll have AUSTRALIA! There's a pretty logical reason why you guy like our cars so much.

Do they have authentic Aussies out those steakhouses I think they're called Outback Steakhouse?

In Australia we have The Black Stump steakhouse. Do you guys have that?