The Race Is On!

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And here comes pride up the backstretch! I'm the next driver up, so this will be brief: right now our friends on Team Porcubimmer are in first place! Black Metal V8olvo is in "preserve the car" mode, so we're running in the middle of the pack now. The car seems to be doing all right, although those of you who predicted that the Mercedes-Benz radiator would leak have been proven correct (not a serious leak, fortunately, and we have a spare).

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

I took a nap.

And in this nap, I saw things

Things of unspeakable nature.

Volvos, they were breathing fire.

The square grille unable to contain the flames

A V8 roar was heard in the distance, as these manic Vovlos floated across the blackness

I look with much confusion, of a bearded woman at the wheel

Eyes, red with the fires of internal combustion

And a fist and the foot of the Stig, grappling a 5 speed like it was his last hope on a 400 foot cliff.

Then I wake up to hear the Murilee is driving the V8olvo. Rock'on!

Crazyness indeed.

@ViergangFuchs: Those skulls seriously do that?