Vintage Trailers Brought Back To Life At Former Air Force Base

Having lived in the notorious Irvine Meadows West trailer park, which was all about Project Trailer Hell vintage tin, I can state that Airstreams pretty much suck for any sort of extended habitation. The cylindrical shape means that the interiors are cramped and storage areas are unusable. However, they sure look »6/27/08 2:00pm6/27/08 2:00pm

Sweet Home, Chicago: Nissan's Basecamp Concept for Airstream

Here at the Chicago auto show, Nissan showed off a conceptual mini mobile home its in-house art shop, Nissan Design America created for Airstream, maker of those polished silver travel trailers that turn the desert sun into a highway death ray. The Basecamp, as its called, has a flexible interior layout that can be… »2/08/06 5:17pm2/08/06 5:17pm