The Sprinter-Based RV Lifestyle Is One I Can Get Behind

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I'm sitting in the back of our bigass Airstream Interstate in one of the plush captain's chairs, typing away on my laptop while Raphael pilots us past West Virginia into rural Ohio. This is the way to be.

Having crossed the country in the narrow confines of an Audi R8 Spyder, I think I've earned a little rest and a journey in something a bit more comfortable and this is it. While the Fleetwood Storm we drove was superior as a house, the Mercedes Sprinter-based RV is definitely superior as a car.


It's relatively quiet, nicely appointed, and has a feel that's a lot more yacht than it is manufactured home. Everything is modular and comfortable and the seating is pretty ideal for four people (about the max I'd sleep in here). But you could fit another two or three kids in the back, comfortably. Even full-sized humans.


This led to Raph and I discussing the possibilities of buying one of these (with money we do not have) and letting the staff work out of here. If you write off the initial $150K, it makes perfect sense. Mileage has been great so far (about 15-16 MPG over varied terrain). There's a fridge you can fill with sandwiches. And with five of us working in here, you could drive three-hour shifts and cover huge distances without tiring yourself out.

So yeah, I'm digging this so far, and Eldora is just a few short hours away.