So begins our road trip to Eldora and the sheer glory that is NASCAR trucks on dirt; we switched from a Fiesta to an Airstream RV.


Matt is busy doing the driving at the moment, so I can give you a right seat review.

I'm going to say that the Fiesta has real advantages in terms of comfort compared to Airstream's super Sprinter.

With a Fiesta you just hop in and drive. With an RV, there is a lengthy briefing on things like how to pump your own feces out of your vehicle, and how to disengage the propane tank hiding somewhere under the back portion of the vehicle.


You can also take the Fiesta through a Mickey D's drive thru. Here is Matt taking our order on foot, like a peasant.


But the RV has a wood floor, and a bed. So there's that.

More reports from this very comfortable road burner to come.

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