Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Way Better Without A Roof, But You Pay For It

There was a time when buying the drop-top version of a sports car was an implicit indication that you Just Didn’t Get It. You put fashion over function, style over stiffness. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is one of the few (only?) exceptions. It’s just as rigid as the coupe, weighs only 22 pounds more, and drives exactly… »6/12/15 10:15am6/12/15 10:15am


Video: The First 20 Minutes With an Alfa 4C Will Melt Your Brain

The Alfa Romeo 4C is an important car for both Fiat/Chrysler and us, the enthusiast consumers. It offers the purest driving experience available from a road car, Italian styling, properly advanced carbon construction, and a great soundtrack. But what's it like to drive on American roads? Mind bending. »9/30/14 4:03pm9/30/14 4:03pm

Sorry: The 4C's Headlights Are Its Best Feature

Not that you haven't already noticed, but Alfa Romeo has delivered to mankind a sports car that virtually everybody has documented their insatiable lust for. It's beautiful, save for Alfa's interesting choice in production headlights. Too bad, because the eyes on this baby are the 4C's absolute best quality. »10/01/13 3:29pm10/01/13 3:29pm

Bravissimo! The Alfa Romeo 4C Is Reportedly Coming To America By The Year's End

Famed modern day philosopher Jeremy Clarkson once noted that "You can't be a true petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa Romeo." That's probably true, but it's a bit of a tall order for us Americans, since Alfa Romeos haven't been sold here since the mid 1990s (save for a few 8Cs here and there.) »1/19/13 11:45am1/19/13 11:45am