The Alfa Romeo 4C Replacement Could Be A Giulia-Based M4 Rival: Report

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While the new Alfa Romeo Giulia is off to a rough start with quality issues, the performance seems to be more than praiseworthy when operational. That’s better news with new rumors that the current 4C roadster may be replaced with a Giulia-based coupe to take on the likes of the BMW M4.


A Giulia-based coupe of course means the engine will be making a journey from behind the driver to the the front-mid-engine location of the sedan’s platform. You also shouldn’t expect another carbon tub.

That’s not necessarily bad, it’s just completely different from the current 4C (and killing its semi-exotic status?), which is why the new car will take the name of the old Alfa Romeo Brera. Remember to take all of this with a healthy pinch of Mediterranean sea-salt.

According to the Autobild report via Carscoops, the car will likely take on the new Giulia’s powertrain options—hopefully including the Ferrari-worked 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 found in the Quadrifoglio trim. And like the Giulia, the reworked 4C replacement would pivot to take on the likes of the BMW 4-series, C-Class, and whoever else is still making fun, fast coupes should this thing show up on time—reportedly in 2020.

Whether it will simply be a coupe-version of the current Giulia or receive a look that’s a little fresher we’ll just have to wait and see. I highly doubt it will be the sexy-cute hatchback that was the old Brera.

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Tom McParland

Kinda sorta related, but Maserati just issued a recall for the Ghibli and Quattroporte for rear suspension failure. Apparently the bolts were not tightened properly.…

That kind of Italian quality control does not give me hope for Alfa.