Find Out How The Alfa Romeo 4C Gets Its Panel Gaps

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The Alfa Romeo 4C has its “charms.” After only ever seeing one in person a few months ago and being blown away by the fit and finish of the exterior, I went looking for answers. Some of these answers are in this video from the 4C production floor.

I can’t help but crack up at the end of the video, where you can clearly see the quality manager running his hands over some pretty significant discrepancies in the body work.

The trunk that doesn’t line up.
Where the door sort-of meets the body.

Here are photos of the car I saw in person a few months ago:


I’m not trying to spoil the mood of the sex appeal surrounding the Alfa Romeo 4C. It’s hot. I’d drive one. But would I own one? Eh maybe not, but for a lot of reasons, not only because I can fit half of my hand into the trunk when it’s closed.

Update: The video seems to have been originally uploaded to the Sunday Times Driving YouTube Channel back in 2013. The car still has panel gaps.


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