What's With The Cheap Looking Parts On The Alfa Romeo 4C?

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Starting at around $60,000, the Alfa Romeo 4C won't be cheap in the US. Than again it's going to be a bargain compared to Alfa's previous adventure, the V8-powered 8C. But after examining the three cars they brought to Geneva, I could see where they plan to save a few Euros.

The air duct in the front:


What works on angry Jaguars doesn't necessarily suit small mid-engined Italian sports cars. Maybe it's just the matte white paint making it plasticy, but it looks out of place. The silver car didn't have these, so there is some hope they will get rid of it before the production starts.

Chicken wire:


Mid-engined cars need more holes on the body for cooling, and you can see some "chicken wire" on every hypercar, including the McLaren P1, the Koenigsegg Agera R and Ferrari's LaFerrari. Maybe there's just a bit too much of it at the back of the 4C. Still, if that keeps it cool stuck in traffic on a summer day, that's fine by me.

The keyhole:


Keyholes are just keyholes, but this looks like it came from a 30-year-old Lada. I'm sure they could do better.

Front indicators


I'm sorry, is this a cheap hatchback or a mid-engined sports car costing $60,000?

Reflectors on the front wheel arch:


I know American cars need to have these, but I wouldn't put that on my mountain bike.

Maybe it's just because these are pre-production cars, maybe I'm just a fussy European, but the 4C is far from being perfect. Still, you can't argue with the fact that taken as a whole, it looks pretty great.