Alfa Romeo 4C: 2,100 Pounds Of Italian Lust

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Geneva's lineup of extravagant cars is exciting to most, but the Porsche-battling Alfa Romeo 4C is of particular interest to North American aficionados. That's because the Italians who have ensconced themselves in Detroit are actually going to be selling the super light coupé in the U.S. by the end of the year.

Although its middle-mounted 1750 cc aluminum engine engine produces only 236 hp, the 4C's carbon fiber body has a curb weight of 2,100 pounds. That's an 8.8 hp/pound power-to-weight ratio for the 13-foot-long car. As with many higher end sports cars, this one comes with a twin-clutch transmission, dubbed Alfa TCT.

The 4C debuts on American soil during the L.A. Auto Show later this year, and will go on sale not long after. We can't wait to throw this one around a California canyon or two!


Photo credit: Newspress