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"Vanishing Point" Remake? Cleavon Little Says "Yeahhhh!"

Follow our logic here: Richard E. Kelly, the man behind cult classic Donnie Darko, announces he has been "hired by Fox to write a big action film for [FAMOUS DIRECTOR], it is a remake of a film released in 1971..." Of course, 1971 was the release of the cult car classic "Vanishing Point" we all love. And to make things more interesting, Fox released a version of "Vanishing Point" in 1997 and should therefore have some sort of access to the rights. On top of that, the star of "Vanishing Point" is an awesome E-body Dodge Challenger. Wouldn't it be nice timing if that came out near the production launch of the new Dodge Challenger?


Great Moments In American Cinema: The 'Vanishing Point' Finale [Internal]


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Most important question: If remake happens, who do you cast as the naked chick on the dirt bike?