Ever since Audi started sticking LEDs into their headlights, every carmaker and customizer has thought that LEDs make a car look expensive and classy. Jalopnik readers are to prove this isn't always the case.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

Us human beings recognize cars the same way we recognize people: by their faces. You see headlights as eyes. Audi established that LEDs look distinctive and, more importantly, expensive. Whenever those thin, bright strips come pointing down the road, you think that there's a relatively tasteful luxury car on the way.

The problem is that every other carmaker and every aftermarket brand has jumped on the LED bandwagon with the cheapest, hokiest crap possible. This is the worst of the worst.


Photo Credit: DieCockStreetStyle


10.) Underbody Lights

People used to get the Fast and the Furious look done with neons. Using LEDs does not make underbody lights suddenly cool again. If you need proof, Justin Bieber has them on his chrome monstrosity.

Suggested By: Adam Spano, Photo Credit: Michael Gil


9.) Ford Focus Mood Lights

A lit-up cabin is a cool idea, but not when it makes your car look like a really low-grade casino.


Suggested By: KinoEscalate, Photo Credit: Ford


8.) All Aftermarket LED Headlights

We are not fooled by your aftermarket headlights. They all look like crap. We reserve particular scorn for the kits on Nissan Tsurus, which are everywhere down in Mexico.

Suggested By: MauKapranos, Photo Credit: Mercado Libre


7.) Windshield Sprayer Nozzles

Clearly, some LED lighting company ran out of places to put LEDs on a car and was forced to stick a few on the windshield sprayer nozzles. Ugh.


Suggested By: Volvofever, Photo Credit: Bling Lights


6.) Ford Edge Faux Air Intake

We can almost forgive aftermarket LEDs. They have to chase the bottom of the barrel. Ford has no excuse for something this tacky.

Suggested By: Vicarious-Chair, Photo Credit: Ford


5.) LED Trunklids

No. Just no. Do not tarnish a Pininfarina-designed Italian supercar with this nonsense.


Suggested By: _Mécanicien, Photo Credit: BeatVNExpress


4.) Range Rover Headlights

Range Rovers are supposed to be toweringly aristocratic. The LEDs make it look expensive. There's a difference and it makes the current-gen four-by-four look awkward. It's like a guy from Downton Abbey wearing a tracksuit.

Suggested By: Bullitt417, Photo Credit: Land Rover


3.) KITT Light Scanner

Friends don't let friends get Knight Rider-style flashing intake LEDs.

Suggested By: MoRphine-2, Photo Credit: electrified01


2.) Mercedes E-Class 'L'

German carmakers copy each other's fashions harder than a bunch of middle school girls. Clearly, Mercedes saw that Audi had a bunch of LEDs and their E-class needed some to keep up. Then they stuck on this ‘L'.


It is the tackiest, chintziest, sloppiest LED application on a stock car, and it's from a once-proud luxury carmaker. Sad.

Suggested By: E39M5FTW, Photo Credit: Mercedes Benz


1.) LED Wheels

They light up your rims.

Suggested By: Superkiwizorro, Photo Credit: Bright Wheels LLC