What’s The Worst Use Of LEDs On A Car?

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The original R8 started a trend that, even with all its power, it couldn't dream of stopping.

Gather round, children, and let me tell you tale of days gone by. You see, there was a time that cars head headlights and taillights and turn signal and little white bulbs for reverse. Maybe a fog light here and there. But these lights were lights, nothing more. Sure, they had distinctive shapes, but they all had a purpose. They weren't the "jewelry" for the car, they didn't make strange shapes and weird designs, and they got very, very hot.


Today, however, we are moving towards LEDs. In a few years, even your basic Nissan Versa will have the full-LED headlights that are an option on a CLS. And yet, not every automaker knows how to properly use them. For example, they're supposed to be close enough that they look like a single line, darn it! A few big dots not only don't serve any function, but they look stupid and cheap, as evidenced by the updated G-Class. This timeless design was marred by horrible use of LEDs below the main headlight that look they were bought by the same guy who adds fake chrome portholes to the side of his Camry.

Venting over, there are a lot of other examples of awful LED usage. Who is the worst offender? Do tell us in the comments.


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Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz