Apparently Wednesday's rumored GM-Chrysler Group hook-up was the gift that keeps on giving for the pundit class, investors and for devourers of all kinds of industry news, rumors and gossip. We're now on our third day of stories and hell, the stock of the German-American hybrid's doing nothing but going gangbusters. Oh, and there's also not a helluva lot going on in the news and in the markets this Friday prior to President's Day. So what's "America's business channel" to do? Well, they've asked our brother-from-another-mother and associate editor from D-town to play another game of who's buying who The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game where he'll be doing his blogger-best forum-style with two product guys and one industry reporter. The four of them will be on CNBC's On The Money at 7:10 PM EST doing their pundit-best to answer the double-trouble questions of how to save Chrysler and how to save the Detroit automakers. After that minor task is done, Wert will be explaining how to achieve world peace on Larry King Live.


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