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DaimlerChrysler Open To Any Option Involving Chrysler Group, Including Sale

Dieter's just spoken, and he's stated very unclearly clearly on the speculation of whether the German-American hybrid's willing to look at selling off the Chrysler Group:

"our thinking does not exclude any options and that means all options are on the table."


Thanks for clearing that up Dieter, get ready for the story from the hyperactive Detroit auto media to be "DaimlerChrysler Looks To Sell Chrysler Group." Gotta sell them papers magazines online subscriptions blog posts! Although, we look on the bright side, at least at this time he's being purposely unclear and this time we're not ruling out the potential for a story here.

Some Merged Equals Are More Equal Than Others: DaimlerChrysler CFO Won't Rule Out Chrysler Sale [internal]


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