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This morning, as I sat at my laptop in my boxer briefs listening to the webcast of DaimlerChrysler's quarterly earnings numbers โ€” I heard something that jolted me so hard, I've literally been in a stupor the past two hours. What could have caused such a reaction? Well, it was when DaimlerChrysler CFO Bodo Uebber answered the question of whether the sale or spinoff of Chrysler is a possibilty as such:

"We don't exclude anything here...we will do our analysis. Second, we will talk about measures. And third, we will draw our conclusions."

That's right โ€” no categorical denial, no comments dismissing the claim โ€” nothing. And although we've yet to hear what Dieter has to say โ€” we've got to admit, that type of a refusal to exclude options is quite interesting โ€” especially when you consider the fact Tom LaSorda didn't say anything on the subject of...

...what the automaker's game plan is. But stupor-inducing? Actually, I found myself in a stupor because I was so flabbergasted that Mr. & Mrs. Uebber would ever call their child "Bodo." What โ€” did you think it was because I actually believed that "merger of equals" crap?

Chrysler group for sale? 'We don't exclude anything,' CFO says (sub. req.) [Automotive News]


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