This Is Our Country, This Is Our Chrysler?

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According to The New York Times, those "talks" we reported on yesterday? Yeah, they're occurring, but apparently they're not what thought they were. According to Detroit bureau chief "Hey!" Micki Maynard's sources, it's actually all about the platforms. Namely, the platform that GM has and that the Chrysler Group wants. That's right, according to the NYT, the General's all about pimping out their GMT-900 platform to the king priest of the religion of platform prostitution, the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. This makes some sense, because not only does Chrysler not have a Huge-UV, we've also heard the Chrysler Group's planning on killing the biggest one they've got, the Durango Big-UV platform, in their quest to cull the Chrysler-chaff from the...whatever. I guess it'd make sense for Chrysler to sell something a wee bit bigger that they could get a wee bit more money for — and all while not building anything themselves. Sounds like a plan to us. Anyone know what'd be in it for the General? Oh wait, they get to not shut down a plant and face the wrath of the UAW. Hmm...interesting.

Chrysler and GM Hold Talks on Joint Project [NYT]


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