Well, when shit rains, shit pours, and since it's too cold to rain today in Detroit, it's got to be a blizzard. That's what it's got to feel like is coming down today over at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. First was the just-shy-of-horrible earnings announcement, the 13,000 jobs cuts and then there was the news breaking early this AM that the Chrysler Group's sale is being contemplated. Sounds like kind of a sticky day, and "America's business channel" needs someone to help pry off all of that goop to find out what's going to affect the financial markets. And since they couldn't seem to find anyone else, they've gone again to the bottom of the barrel and fished out our very own associate editor from Detroit. He'll be appearing on CNBC's On The Money to shoot the shit with the rest of the "Auto Insiders" to talk Chrysler Group, but right now it's your time to help tell us — what are tonight's rules? And if you're confused about this whole drinking game thing, feel free to read the entire history here.


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