Chrysler Pacifica Gets Sporty Appearance Package; This Isn't A Mid-Life Crisis; Or A Cry For Help OK; Save Me

With Chrysler’s announcement today that 2018 Pacifica will be offered with a sporty appearance package, I can only logically assume that much of the push back against the quite-good minivan was largely about how un-sporty it is. Bitch, it’s a minivan! Minivans like the antithesis of sporty. But what the hell do I know.

The World’s Cleanest 2003 Honda Odyssey Has An Amazing 246,000 Miles On It

Automotive superlatives like “World’s Fastest” or “World’s Most Expensive” constantly change hands and the titles go to whatever chassis Bugatti sticks a 16-cylinder engine in or a car that Enzo Ferrari may have looked at once in the 1950s. But “World’s Cleanest 2003 Honda Odyssey” is a record that is not often…