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SNL Captures the Joy and Pain of a Road Trip with Friends

We've all had some brutal road trips, and Saturday Night Live did its best job of capturing those tough moments.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We all love a good road trip – it’s the American way, after all. Manifest destiny and all that. But sometimes, road trips go wrong. Even if you’re with your best pals, hours in a car can take a toll on anyone’s relationship.

In case you missed it:

That’s clearly where the folks over at Saturday Night Live’s “Please Don’t Destroy” got their idea for this week’s sketch. (As a quick side note, if you haven’t watched this crew yet, you really should. They’re the best thing to come out of SNL in years.)


Anyway, it starts out with the three members of “Please Don’t Destroy” and last week’s SNL host, Jenna Ortega, in a car that I think is an early 2000s Subaru Forester. That doesn’t really matter, I guess. They’re singing and having a grand old time – as you do at the beginning of a road trip but things quickly go awry.

You see, the guy who looks like Steve DaSilva forgot to tell the guy who looks like me about the upcoming exit. It happens. We’ve all been there. Being in charge of the music and the navigation is not an enviable task, but it’s what you get for sitting shotgun. The vibes get weird, but they soon recover. Then, disaster strikes again when Jenna sips on her big gulp just a little bit too loudly and annoys the guy who looks like Owen Bellwood. It’s a real mess!

Please Don’t Destroy - Road Trip - SNL

Okay, I don’t want to spoil too much of the clip, as you should really watch it. But, it gets way more intense and ridiculous from there. It’s some real weird Gen-Z humor that you may not be a fan of, but I love it. I don’t know, maybe I’m weird.


Either way, Enjoy “Road Trip” because it’s one of the funnest things to come out of SNL in a really long time.