Really Drive Like the King in Elvis’ 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood for $599,000!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Fat ‘70s Elvis haunts Nice Price or Crack Pipe this week and today we've got his '74 Fleetwood Brougham to slick back your hair and empty your wallet.

What really got Elvis Presley's hips a swiveling (we mean other than Tiparillos and barbituates) was his hunka hunka burnin' love affair with his cars. Two days ago, we had a Stutz Blackhawk, a car that the King liked so much, he bought a new one every year until he answered God's throne call. Yesterday, we had an Olds Cutlass that 71% of you took to like Elvis on velvet. Undoubtedly, Presley got busy with some groupies in the back seat of a Cutlass at some point in their parallel careers- top selling artist, top selling car- coincidence? I think not.


And now today, we have a car that isn't like Elvis‘ car, it was Elvis‘ car! In fact, this triple white 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham was claimed to be one of the King's favorite rides in which to cruise South Memphis while munching on fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches, and popping bennies.

This particular car is no stranger to eBay, having had a less-than SRO show there back in January 2000 at $1.2 million a ticket, an encore performance in February of that year at a Vegas Impersonator-worthy $750,000, and then a reunion tour that March for a scalper-friendly $500,000. Now it's back, for one-month only, at the King-sized price of $599,000. That extra $99,000 apparently buys you such memorabilia as bills of sale, registration in Elvis' name, pictures of Presley and his family, and perhaps most morbidly, a half-smoked cuban in the ashtray. Thank god they cleaned up the goofballs and yellow jackets from the glovebox, and the Coney Island White Fish from under the seats before making the car available for public viewings.

So what would you do with this rock legend behemoth? It's optioned out with every piece of kit and technology 1970s Cadillac had available, and with only 17,000 Elvis-driven miles, you probably shouldn't be planning on a rock n' roll roadtrip. Perhaps that cigar holds a clue? It may contain a trace of the Memphis resident's genetic mojo. Or maybe there is still some hair, or perhaps a gnawed and spat fingernail trapped in the carpet? From that careless cast-off you could build yourself your own clone Elvis. It'd be better than any impersonator, catapulting you into a career of Colonel Tom proportions, and making you millions. Of course, inevitably, the Elvis clone would use his sloe-eye'd good looks and hip-swiveling prowess for evil, instead of good, and you'd have to get rid of him. You'd take him to the top of a tall building and, when he's not looking, push him off. He'd curse you a blue streak the entire way down, and later you'd get arrested for making an obscene clone fall.

So do you think six hundred thousand for this Caddy of the King is number one with a bullet? Or does that price make you think the seller's got himself more crack pipe than Elvis had white jumpsuits?


You decide!


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