In addition to individual control of the torque going to each wheel, it appears that each wheel is independently steerable as well, a departure from the baseline e-4ORCE technology.

Regarding the styling of the rover, many observers would simply say that it’s purely utilitarian, with no real regard to aesthetics and all bodywork is simply there to house and protect the necessary components.

And while, sure, you could construct a very passable replica in an afternoon with only a trip to Home Depot, I think everyone is being foolish and naive. Nissan is showing us this for a reason, and I think it’s to prepare us for their next-gen styling concepts for their upcoming SUVs and crossovers.


Based on information from sources I’ve imagined, I believe the JAXA rover will provide the inspiration for the 2026 Rogue, which will likely look like this, according to this concept design sketch I found (on my own computer):

Image for article titled Nissan's Lunar Rover Prototype Could Hint At Styling For Next-Gen Nissan Rogue
Illustration: Not Nissan

Again, no one at Nissan has confirmed this in any way whatsoever, but let’s be real. You don’t show a sleek lunar rover like that and not expect it to become a tease for future styling, right?