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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Sometimes you're hit with a spousal ultimatum — either the car goes, or I do. Here's a Nice Price or Crack Pipe challenge from someone who may be making the wrong choice.


Who doesn't like the first generation Mustang? It's old enough to be built from real steel and rubber, and new enough to be reasonably comfortable and easy to maintain. Add to that the factory GT and pony packages, plus a recent restoration, and you've got yourself a hell of a car. This '66 coupe has both of those options, along with the 2bbl 289 V8, a C4 automatic, and looks as good as the day it and its first owner consummated their relationship.

The seller laments that he is forced to sell the car due to an edict from his wife, and otherwise treasures it like a faithful dog that also drops 14K gold turds. He reminisces that it is the one thing that allowed him to connect with his son-in-law, no mean feat as sons in law inevitably turn out to be douchebags. Regardless, it's the wife that's back there pushing this Stang over the Craigslist cliff. And what baby wants, apparently, baby gets. Due to that motivational force for this sale, we wouldn't be shocked to find a pair of Truck Nuts thrown in for good measure. At least we'd like to think those are Truck Nuts.


Whipped or not, what he's offering here is a really nice Mustang, with all the show you could want, but none of the go. That 200hp 289 isn't the 4bbl high output engine, there's only two pedals sprouting under the dash, and the car has never even heard of Carroll Shelby. The presence of a black vinyl roof doesn't help it in the cool department either.

Still, twenty grand for a decently kitted Mustang, is that so bad? You wouldn't want to further emasculate the seller by lowballing him, would you? He's already complaining that the economy is causing him to drop the price by five grand, and provides a link to the NADA Guide as justification that this is a killer deal. We bet that was his wife's idea.

So what do you think of this marriage-maligned Mustang? Does that $20 grand price make you want to say I do? Or does that dowry make you want to leave it at the altar?

You decide!

Illustration for article titled Marital Rift Mustang for $20,000!

Portland Craigslist, or go here if his wife makes him take the ad down.

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