Infamous BMW Street Drifter Dies In Crash

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If you watched the infamous street drifting E34 M5 video and said 'that guy is going to die in a car crash,' you'd be right. Surprisingly, the reckless Giorgi Tevzadze wasn't driving at the time.


Smotra.Ru posted that 26-year-old Tevzadze was leaving a restaurant in Georgia with a sober driver at the wheel. The M5 skidded at what appears to be high speed into a tree on the right-hand side of the car. Tevzadze died, though his driver appears to be fine.

It's not exactly clear how the car left the road, though it's easy to speculate. Here is the original text and a Google Translation.

Далее после ресторана мы поехали по серпантинам вниз в город, за рулём был трезвый кахетинец а Георгий был на пассажирском сиденье. Мы уже благополучно поворачивали в гостишку как вдруг за 30-40 метров от вьезда все услышали сильнейших хлопок,это был он. М5 занесло и она улетела в дерево со всего маха,ударившись правой дверью о дерево.

further after the restaurant we went on streamers down to the city at the wheel was sober Kakhetian and George was in the passenger seat. We have successfully turned into gostishku suddenly 30-40 meters from the entrance of the strongest all heard the clap, it was him. M5 skidded and fell down the tree from all the maha, slamming the door on the right-hand tree.

(Hat tip to Misha and Nippon)

Photo Credits: Smotra.Ru/SmotraTV



I think the important thing about all this, is that he managed not to take anyone else with him.
I'll not weep for this man, he gave hoons a bad name.